“How many people do you know from Black Bush Polder, Guyana, South America, with conservative, traditional Hindu values? If you were born in that corner of the world, I would guess a whole lot. OK then, how many are willing to tell you their life stories, possibly enduring the shame, humiliation, and criticism that accompany the most sacred things we are taught to preserve, our private lives? I am sure not many. You are about to meet me, Sukree Boodram. I was born at Lot 50 Joanna North, Black Bush Polder, Guyana, South America.…………”

“When I was still young, my dad told me that I was special and different. He told me that someday I would marry a “good man” and be happy. He told me I was the prettiest girl he had ever seen, and that one day I would travel the world and be rich in all things. I believed every word of it……………”

“Life for me was not easy. I plan to take you through the struggles of being born into a family of overwhelming courage……………. I hope you will be challenged to become the best of what you aspire to be. My cherished hope is that we all live with grace, humility, and kindness amid the almost constant turbulence of the world. I also hope you have or will like and fall in love with the person you see in the mirror each day. I hope I am able to touch the lives of my readers and encourage everyone, when faced with adversities, to stop, think clearly, and then act appropriately, specifically in that order, without hurting others…………….”

“Please open your minds and your hearts to a wonderful, true story. As the story unfolds, you may cry and perhaps laugh. Most importantly, it might make you think about your own life and stimulate you to plan for the years ahead. I will share with you choices and heartbreaks I would have never dreamed of as a child. It might prompt you to show humility and thankfulness for the things you have. At times, like me, under the influence of intense bliss, you might feel like dancing without the sound of music. Let’s begin my journey together. “

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