West Indian born Hindu woman left abusive marriage, shares story

Sukree Boodram embraces her cultural and traditional beliefs and speaks out on abuse and alcoholism in “Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism – This is My Story”

HOWEY-IN-THE-HILLS, Fla. – Raised in a traditional Hindu household, West Indian born Sukree Boodram was taught early on that women should adhere to their cultural and traditional norms and submit to their husbands, even when being abused, in order to keep the family together. She broke these expectations and published “Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism – This is My Story” (ISBN 0615364578), a memoir that aims to display the courage she gained by standing up to her abuser and extricating herself and her children from an abusive relationship.

Born in Guyana, Boodram details the two decades of abuse she experienced from an alcoholic husband. Embracing her Hindu culture and tradition, Boodram felt obligated to remain with him and keep the abuse a secret. The author’s strength gradually deteriorated, and she finally realized she had to find a way out along with her two children who were approaching their critical teenage years.

“Breakout” looks to show readers how Boodram summoned the courage to leave her husband and start a new life for herself and her children. Boodram says that time, patience and faith helped her move on from the years of abuse. In addition, sharing her story with others has aided in her continued recovery. Boodram seeks to share her story with others by delivering a unified message: “Break the silence, say no to violence.”

“We are entitled to enjoy life,” Boodram says. “We should never allow the ones who love us to abuse us.”

Knowing she was taking a risk by telling her story, the author hopes that women of the East and West Indian communities, the Caribbean and Asian communities, as well as others, will find comfort and tenacity in her story. Boodram notes that these cultures tend to ignore alcoholism rather than confront the illness. Boodram looks to offer readers an insider’s view of what to expect when they make a decision to leave behind a toxic relationship that is not changing. She continues to be an advocate toward those who are facing the disease of alcoholism, as well as those affected by someone with the disease. The author hopes that sharing her story will motivate others in similar situations to take action. She also hopes these individuals will join a unified movement against a type of abuse that is generally kept a secret in certain cultural communities.

“Breakout: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism – This is My Story” is available for sale online at Amazon.com, www.sukreeboodram.com and other channels.

About the Author:

Sukree Boodram received a bachelor’s degree in accounting and a master’s degree in business administration. A certified public accountant, she works as a finance and accounting manager in Orlando, Fla. A single mother of two children, she prides herself on always trying to see her glass as neither half-empty nor half-full, but overflowing. Boodram spends as much time as possible with her children, her extended family and her loyal friends. Boodram plans to continue working in her current career as well as continuing her advocacy in inspiring others who have the disease of alcoholism as well as their families. Boodram strongly believes alcoholism is a family illness and changed behaviors can lead to recovery.


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