Sukree Boodram talks about her life and experiences as a survivor of domestic violence taken from her memior, BreakOUT: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism. This is My Story. Boodram shares her story in this fascinating dialogue with Brendan Barnett  as he asks her compelling and painful questions about her past and current life. The documentary takes Boodram back to the early years of marriage and ultimately the impact of abuse and alcoholism on herself and her family. It also tells a story of immense courage from a person with humble beginnings, unconditional love and the strength to walk away after two decades of being married to an alcoholic spouse. Boodram talks about where she is today on the outskirt of it all looking back at where she was when she was enveloped by the disease and abuse from a person who was suppose to protect and care for her. Bold, brave, and beautifully told BreakOUT: Surviving Abuse and Alcoholism. Voice of a Survivor. is a ray of hope for any person who feels they have no options. This is also a gorgeous story of  inspiration, heartbreak, disappointment, and survival, showing that our own inner strength can always be counted on, and that one can always triumph over the odds.


Note: This Documentary was produced  by Tanbear Production, Executive Producer Douglas C Hayes along with interviewer and narrator, Brendan Barnett.  It was completed on May 18, 2011. It’s first premier was in Guyana, South America at the Pegasus Hotel on June 9, 2011 with a packed audience. It will be used as an awareness tool in our communities in an effort to educate the demographic population on the seriousness of abuse and alcoholism along with its impact on families. Eventually, this will be available for purchase at various channels such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Release to those channels and more is forthcoming. I have not made the final decision as yet regarding if this should be for sale through the outlets.

In the interim, purchase request for this documentary can be made by sending information to the contact information on this site. Limited copies available. Funds on all sales is used to bring continued awareness to our communities. The cost is $15.00, plus shipping and handling.